Ready to Sprout?

Sprout runs the entire fundraiser. Here’s all you need to get started:

A good cause for raising the funds (school ipads, a new computer lab, gym equipment, etc.)

Encouragement from the adults in the building.

A few parent volunteers for event day.

Kids and staff that are ready to have a great day!


Most frequent questions and answers

The possibilities are endless! At Sprout we want you to determine a great fundraising goal (with our guidance), and we will reach that goal!

Students ask family, friends, and relatives to support their school and their day of learning and growing by giving a donation. All money is raised before the event! Sprout (and the students and parents, too) go out into the community for Corporate sponsorships as well.

A Sprout employee and volunteer of your choice (usually the treasurer or a teacher) collect money in the mornings before school for two to three weeks.  We also have a link on your school page, and this website for PayPal donations.

Not much! We need oral encouragement from the parents and staff, and help distributing (forwarding a few e-mails) information about the event. As a school, you are responsible for structuring the rewards program for students and staff.  We want all our Sprouts motivated to succeed!

It takes at least two months to create a successful event. Contact us today at and we will come and discuss the event with your PTA President, Board, and/or Principal.

Let's plan your custom Sprout event!